Case Study

Case Studies
A 20yrs old female patient by name Satyavathi, from Chittoor district has reported to our unit with a complaint of unaesthetic facial appearance. Extra oral examination revealed frontal bossing, nasomaxillary Hypoplasia, bilateral exophthalmos and squint of left eye. All the routine blood investigations and radiographic investigations including CT and MRI were taken and she was finally diagnosed with Crouzons syndrome. So she was planned for total reconstruction of face under General anesthesia by a team of surgeons including Prof.Hermann F.Sailer, from Switzerland and Dr.R.Manikandhan and Dr.Ananthanarayan.
As a first procedure Lefort III with Lefort I Osteotomy, Canthopexy repartition and dorsal nose augmentation with lyophilized cartilage were performed. In 2007 left squint eye correction, augmentation of left orbital floor, bilateral malar region augmentation with tutoplast cartilage and lateral tarsorrhaphy were performed. To improve on further esthetics she was operated for augmentation of left infraorbital region with rib graft in the same year. In 2010 adenotonsillectomy with bilateral grommet insertion was performed. She is on regular review till date and doing well. She and her family members are very well satisfied with the results which have improved her functional and social life.